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IARCEES Constitution

(As amended at AGM of XIIIth ISA Conference, 31th May 1987)

1. The Irish Slavists' Association exists

(i) to hold, at least once, a year, a conference at which papers shall be read and discussed on topics within the field of Slavonic languages and cultures;

(ii) to encourage and promote study and research in Ireland in the field of Slavonic languages and cultures.

2. The following shall be eligible for membership of the Association;

(i) Teachers of Slavonic languages, literatures, history or other aspects of Slavonic studies at Irish universities or other higher education institutions;

(ii) Teachers of Russian at schools in Ireland, research students in Slavonic studies and other persons with an interest, professional or otherwise, in Slavonic languages and cultures.

3. Persons in category 2(i) shall be qualified for membership of the Association without any further requirements. Nomination of persons in category 2(ii) must be duty proposed and seconded by established members of the Association and endorsed by a general meeting of the Association.

4. The Association may elect persons of distinction in the field of Slavonic Studies to Honorary Membership of the Association.

5. The officer of the Association shall be a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and a Secretary-Treasurer.

6. The Vice-Chairman shall be the person entrusted by the annual general meeting with the responsibility for arranging and convening the next annual Conference of the Association, and shall hold office until the next general meeting. The Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected to hold office until the next annual general meeting of the Association, but will normally be eligible for re-election in their respective offices, a maximum period of three years.

7. The Association shall hold at least one general meeting in every ca lender year.

8. Each member of the Association shall pay an annual subscription, the amount of which shall be determined from time to time at a general meeting of the Association.

9. Any alteration of this constitution shall be made at an annual general meeting of the Association and shall require the votes of not less than two thirds of the members present.