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Professional Organisations

The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES)

International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES)

Australia and New Zealand Slavists’ Association (ANZSA)


Higher Education

Dept of Russian and Slavonic Studies, TCD

Centre for European Studies, TCD

MPhil in European Studies. (Flyer) More information from the School Office or Balasz Apor.

Dept of History, UCD

Dept of History, UCC

Maynooth University Centre for European and Eurasian Studies

Members' Profiles


Research Projects

Our languages. Principal investigator: Dr Sarah Smyth, Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, TCD (2007-2010, funded by IRCHSS)



National Academic Mailing List Service or 'JISCmail' lists (follow the links to subscribe): Russian teaching, Russian studies, East-West research, BASEES postgrads


JOE (Junge osteuropäische Experten)

Research Network 1989



Russian language programmes abroad

Petrozavodsk, Russia, Language School "Enjoy Russian" (homepage)


1) Selection of Prokudin-Gorskii's stunning early colour photographs of Russia between 1909-1912.

2) Book: Jean Lombard, 'An Irish Woman in Tsarist Russia' (Press release, book cover)

3) Virgilio Krumbacher: Russian Grammatical Dictionary

4) Yulia Amlinskaya's Russian language page

5) Future application for writing Russian text annotated with stress marks/explicit grammatical information: Grammatica



1) Two-part programme produced by TG4 called "Irlandskii Mhoscó" highlighting Russians' interest in Irish language and culture.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Blurb: An saol i Moscó agus sa Rúis mar a fheiceann grúpa beag Rúiseach é a bhfuil an Ghaeilge ar a dtoil acu.