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“Rethinking Stalin and Stalinism”
Seminar to mark the retirement of past President of IARCEES, Prof Geoff Roberts

Cover Special Issue ISS, Vol. 22, Stalin: His time and ours
University College Cork
3–4 May 2018

NEW: Seminar programme

On Thur evening, 3rd May, there will be a public keynote lecture by Prof. Chris Read, University of Warwick, followed by a celebratory dinner.

The AGM will also be held at the seminar, over lunchtime on Friday, 4th May. Please send nominations for committee membership, motions etc. to the IARCEES secretary, Lili Zách, by 23 April 2018. Please note that membership renewals (May 2018-April 2019) are also due at this time.

The seminar is free (dinner cost approximately 30@euro;) but we ask that, for catering purposes, you register with Lili, by 23 April 2018. We hope that many members will be able to join Prof Roberts in celebrating his retirement.

Copies of the 2005 special issue of Irish Slavonic Studies, Vol. 22, 'Stalin: His Times and Ours' which was edited by Geoff Roberts) are for sale at a special offer price of €10 plus postage (discount for multiple copies). Please order from the editor.